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Chapter 5 : Functions

Article 5.1
The World Council will be vested with the following functions and powers to:

a) Promote religious and spiritual harmony.

b) Prevent and resolve tensions and potential conflicts connected with religion and culture.

c) Promote respect for women and children and care for the vulnerable in society.

d) Work for the active promotion of mutual respect and the preservation of religious diversity.

e) Take constructive measures to resolve conflict, promote reconciliation and foster healing in areas of conflict.

f) Seek methods to reduce poverty and promote the values of sharing and compassion in the effort to help the UN achieve poverty reduction goals.

g) Promote an Environmental Ethics to help reverse environmental degradation, to mobilize the faith communities around sustainability, conservation and respect for all life.

Article 5.2
To achieve these ends, the World Council will:

a) Assist policy formation at regional, national, and global levels.

b) Establish subcommittees on subjects such as conflict resolution, environmental issues of local and global importance, prevention of crime, prevention of terrorism, and gender equity.

c) Create a forum for the debate and dialogue on matters of concern to any religion.

Article 5.3
The World Council will work towards forging active linkages with:

a) International bodies such as the United Nations and World Bank.

b) International humanitarian organizations working towards social justice and peace.

c) Governments and Governmental bodies of international repute working towards harmony.

d) Non-governmental organizations of international repute working in specific regions for peace and social justice.

e) Business and professional associations of international repute who are working towards peace.

f) Labor leaders and labor unions.

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